DTLR Is Doing Some Good |Toy Drive For Guaranteed Tickets Of The Air Jordan 11 Concord

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I have been facing a dilemma  most folks running an independent site have to deal with. I love and enjoy sharing my insights about the sneaker world on this platform but most of the work that I do require a lot of time, thinking and resources ( man power ) and tools. While I find pleasure in doing this work, I also must find my daily bread by coming up with different ways of supplying my needs and consequently that takes away from me spending time writing more relevant content for the readers. I’m saying all this to say that I need your support to keep this site running consistently. I was reminded yesterday that  most people need and incentive to take an action. And that brings me to this post about DTLR.

While I was picking up a pair of the Gym Red 12’s, one of the sales associate at the DTLR location I was in quickly reminded that the store was doing a toy drive for guaranteed tickets of the Air Jordan 11 concord. And the toys required for the drive had to be at least $10 worth or more. A couple of weeks ago I was disgusted with the controlling measures some sneaker boutiques were utilizing  for the Jordan 1 “Not for Resale” , see post below

Air Jordan 1 “Not For Resale” How Many Pairs Made? The Gimmicks Continue To Get Worse

 I was delighted to see that DTLR was doing something positive. The company knows that the masses want the “Concord” and they are also aware of the substantial amount of  pairs available so using the guaranteed tickets as an incentive for the toy drive was a brilliant idea. Unlike the other boutiques, DTLR is not forcing the customer to take an action in order to get the shoes. They are simply being encouraged to show some compassion for the sake of the holiday seasons. We know how much money people will be spending during Christmas on gifts for their loved ones. And we are also aware of the less fortunate in our vicinity so DTLR using this opportunity to engage the con summers into helping our communities is to be highly commended. I wish more retailers would follow suit.
My hope is that a lot of us will be mobilized by this and see in what ways we can show some genuine love in our own neighborhoods without blowing the trumpets about it. We all know someone who could use some help in this cold weathers. The Concord is going to cost $220 plus tax , if you can spend that much on a piece of plastic then you can spare half that amount  on someone that might have a real need. I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty, you have earned your hard earned dollars and you have every right to do whatever you desire with it -this is just a simple invitation to love your neighbor as you love yourself.
The Toy Drive will take place on December 3rd at participating DTLR locations
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