Cancelling The Release Of The Air jordan 13 Melo Was A Calculated Business Move

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I wrote a post earlier this morning about Nike’s decision to cancel the release of the men’s sizes of the  Air jordan 13 Melo. The brand claimed the shoes had a minor cosmetic flaw and for that reason they decided to pull them off shelves. This is the same brand that released a pair of Jordan 15 that didn’t have any forefoot zoom unit and somehow never canceled that particular  release . How many times have people in the sneaker community complained about cosmetic flaws only for their words to fall on deaf ears. The Cactus Jack Jordan 4 has been the subject of many complaints, tons of Jordan 13’s that dropped prior to the Melo edition had glue stains and flaws all over them and they were never pulled of shelves, so let’s think this though.

Let me speculate a little bit, I thought about how many shoes were releasing today and it suddenly dawned on me that minor retailers were given the “trash” retros as we will say it in the sneaker community. If you don’t know the sneakers I’m talking about , i’m referring to the colorful Jordan 18’s that released this morning. The only retailers that received them were the less popular ones i.e Jimmy Jazz, DTLR, ruvilla, KicksUSA just to name a few. I strongly believe there is a correlation between those 18’s and the cancellation order that was announced. I think Nike knew how terrible the 18’s were going to perform today and was trying to save minor retailers from this disaster , and the best solution was to pull off the men’s Melo 13’s  in order to stimulate the sale of the Jordan 18’s that were also dropping today. And if you want proof that those candy pack Jordan 18’s were a gimmick, just check out KicksUSa, DTLR, Ruvilla homepage and go under new arrivals and you’ll see that each site has almost a full size run still in stock. Now much worse you think that would have been if the men’s Melo 13’s were to dropped today alongside the 18’s? I’ll let you think about it. Take everything I said with a grain of salt, it’s purely speculative and subjective but I think it’s interesting that suddenly Nike cares so much about minor cosmetic flaws that the brand decides to cancel the release on men’s sizes only. hmmmm

This is a screenshot from DTLR/ ruvilla, both sites still have a considerable amount of sizes left
KicksUSA also had several sizes left , just think about how much worse this would’ve been if the Melo 13 had dropped today
tayib salami