Air Jordan 6 Flint Grey CI3125-100 For 2019| Finally A Retro Paralleling the Edit To Amplify

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A couple of days ago, I was evaluating Jordan Brand and their recent Retro releases i.e. the Satin 5 and the Chlorophyll 3. It dawned on me that retailers were the ones in bad shape, and the one staggering thing that resonated with me was that Nike wasn’t really running parallel to the Edit To Amplify campaign.

 Nike seemed to have implemented the plan  in the beginning of the year 2018 but as soon as tax season came around, the Edit To Amplify went out of the window. The market is still over saturated and the flood will not stop anytime soon. While I was checking out SBD for upcoming retro releases, I came across a pair of Jordan 6 dressed in the Jordan 7 Flint colors  supposedly releasing in early 2019. For the first Time I will say that the shoe wasn’t another headscratcher. I think there was some type of accountability that was at the root of the decision to put out this colorway.  The Edit To Amplify’s purpose was to do away with products that don’t work and the Fall season has been plagued with products that haven’t work for retailers. Dressing a pair of Retro 6 with the Flint 7 colors was a good idea. The Flint  7 was introduced in 2006 and can currently be fetched for as high as $340 in the third party marketplaces.  The shoe hasn’t been retroed yet so it makes perfect sense for JB to bring it back in a very subtle way ( using the Jordan 6 silhouette). From the pictures I have seen, the leather material used on the uppers is of high quality and the added purple tab on the panel add more flavor to the shoe. Thumbs up on these JB, see pics below
img via Bp80RPnl6aC
tayib salami