Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey 308497-007 | How Many Pairs Made & Market Value

ir Jordan 4 Cool Grey 308497-007 How Many Pairs Made & Market Value

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I already wrote a post in which I was trying to figure out whether the $190 price tag on the Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey could be justified, see post below

Cancelling The Release Of The Air jordan 13 Melo Was A Calculated Business Move

In this current post, I’m going to be estimating the number of pairs of the Cool Grey 4 that Nike possibly made. I can tell you right away that there is a rapid infestation of this model via retail from what I observed by collecting data from Footlocker & family. But let me still go to my usual assumption to come up with a believable estimate.

  • Footlocker and its derivatives will receive about 1/4 of the total inventory
  • Each physical FTL receives 18 pairs, FTA and Champs probably 12 pairs
  • And their online counterparts ( Eastbay included) will receive about a quarter of the inventory the physical locations will be allocated.
  • North America has  a little over 1000 active Footlocker stores, 500 Champs stores and  210 Footaction stores and those are the ones that will be considered.
air jordan 4 cool grey footlocker release map
Footlocker release map, from the picture I can count about 1000 stores allocated
air jordan 4 cool grey 308497-007 champs release map
Champs release map, 500+ stores possibly allocated an inventory
air jordan 4 cool grey 308497-007 footaction release map
Footaction release map, approximately 210 stores allocated an inventory

Physical Stores: Footlocker ( 1000 x 18) + Champs ( 500 x 12) + Footaction (210 x 12)= 26520 pairs

Online allocations: A quarter  of the total number 26520/4=6630

let’s not forget give Eastbay a 1/4 of the total from the FTL,FTA, Champs online combined


So the Total from Footlocker and derivatives =26520 +6630+1658 =34808 or let say 35,000

And now the Grand total is based on our earlier assumptions: 35000×4=140000

PS:I always want to point out that all these predictions are purely based on assumptions in other words, everything I said here was birthed out of my own subjective assertions.


I’ll make it very easy and invite you to leave this shoe alone if your intention is to buy it for “resale” purposes. If you don’t believe, let me quickly show you how the shoe is performing on third party marketplaces

let’s start with eBay and quickly analyze the histogram below

2019 air jordan 4 cool grey sales record eBay
2019 air jordan 4 cool grey sales record eBay

Most of the sales occurred between the $220-$239 and $240-$259 price range. So to be pragmatic we’ll try to establish our average based on numbers in this interval, hence we can set the average price at $239.5 ( using $220 and $259 as our endpoints) The shoe costs about $190 before tax ( $201+ after tax if you reside in Maryland). If you take the additional paypal, eBay and shipping fees you’ll be at a deficit; even if you’re fortunate enough to use the $10, $15 or $20 discount from your local retailer, you might end up with a $5 bonus. So be wise and leave the shoe for folks that actually want it; retailers will definitely move these off their shelves, the third party marketplace sales are good indicator of how the shoe is going to perform retail wise. I won’t be checking Stockx’s records, the one above will suffice.


019 Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey 308497-00

2019 Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey





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