Air Jordan 14 Reverse Ferrari Gold| How Many Pairs Possibly Made? Should You Buy To Flip??

Air Jordan 14 Reverse Ferrari Gold How Many Pairs made

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I was excited about the Air Jordan 14 Reverse Ferrari Gold until I realized that they featured a tumbled leather upper. I think Nike should’ve stuck with suede with these, it looks better ( again that’s my own subjective take on this). But my task this morning is to come up with a believable estimate of the number of units that have been made. First let’s get a quick count of the number of stockists allocated an inventory

Major retailers: Nike, Footlocker, Footaction ( in store and online) and Eastbay ( online exclusively)

Minor Retailers: Eblens, KicksUSA, DTLR/Ruvilla, Shoe palace,Jimmy Jazz,Shoe City, City Gear, Nice Kicks ( online)

Our next step will be setting up our assumptions:

Footlocker, Footaction will receive about 1/3 of the entire inventory and all minor retailers together will also be given a third of the entire inventory ( this only applies to North America only)

Their online locations will receive about 1/4 of the inventory the stores are getting.

.Eastbay will receive about a 1/4 of the number all three online locations are receiving

.Each physical location will receive an average of 18 pairs ( i’m setting it at 18 since some House of hoops may receive close to 70 pairs so I need a solid average for the sake of sanity)

About  335 FTL stores will be given an inventory ( all HOH included plus select other FTL stores), 80 FTA stores and average of 187 Champs stores will be considered.

air jordan 14 reverse ferrari gold footlocker release map
footlocker release map- you can see that the store is operating on a first come first served basis
air jordan 14 reverse ferrari gold footaction release map
footaction release map- the stores are also operating on a FCFS basis

FTL numbers= 335 x 18=6030 and FTA = 80 x 18=1440 and. Now let’s estimate the online stores’s numbers,

(FTL + FTA )online = (6030 +1440)/4=1867.5 round it off to 1868

Eastbay will receive about 1868/4=467

and the Total from Footlocker & derivatives = 6030+1440+1868+467=9804.8 let say 10,000 pairs

And the Grand Total would be =10000 x 3=30000 pairs for North America and let say 60,000 pairs worldwide


To answer that question, we need to consider the shoe’s current value on third party marketplaces and i’ll only lean on eBay and StockX today. Let’s check eBay first

So far here are the number of sales recorded: $274.99( sz9), $274.99(sz11.5), $299.99 (sz8), $299.99(sz8), $299.99(sz8.5),$299.99(sz9), $299.99(sz14), $260(sz10.5) $260 (sz8x2), $260 (sz9 X 2), $260 (sz9.5×2), $260 (sz10), $260 (sz10.5), $260 (sz11.5), $260 (sz12), $279 (sz11.5), $279 (sz12)

eBay's value for the air jordan 14 reverse ferrari

You can clearly see from the histogram above how the shoe is doing on eBay. The platform has recorded a total of 20 sales at an average value of $273.399. We also need to take into consideration that most of the sales occurred in the $260-$269 interval so you are most likely to sell your pair for no more than $260. For a shoe that is retailing for $200 before tax, if you live in Maryland you’ll end up paying $212 for them ( and if you;re getting them from Footlocker, you cannot use your discount since they are considered a quickstrike). eBay’s fees are about 10% so you’d be paying about $26 and let’s also factor in paypal fees ( another 3%) and shipping at $15 so your fees could be broken down like this:

Tax= $12, Ebay=$26. Paypal=$7.8, Shipping=$15 , Total on fees= $60.8

Since i’m assuming that you will probably sell that shoe slightly above $260, at this point you’re at a deficit and even if you had sold it for $279 or even $300, your profit margin would not be more than $15. So Should You Buy To Flip???

air jordan 14 reverse ferrai gold stock x records

StockX also recorded 260 sales with an average value of $277 but if you look at the bottom corner, you can see that the shoes are now available in most common sizes between $228-$242, so buying for the sake of making a profit is not really a brilliant idea for these 14’s.

Retailers will have a solid week end, I don’t expect the shoes to sell out instantly but their shelf life will be relatively short.


Air Jordan 14 Reverse Ferrari Gold

style#BQ3685-706, $200 June 22



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