Air Jordan 11 Low Navy Snakeskin |How Many Made & Should You Buy To Flip?

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I’m going to get straight to the point in most of my posts starting today so if they appear abrasive don’t be surprised. I wrote a post about a week ago warning folks about the replica pair of the Jordan 11 navy low snakeskin, so if you missed it, check the link below

Fake Sneakers No Longer Get You Excommunicated, PerfecktKicks, The Problem

This morning task is to come up with a believable estimate of the number of pairs made. I did a bit of scouting in the past few days and most major and minor retailers have the shoes listed on their calendar. It isn’t a surprise if you consider Nike’s Edit To Amplify campaign along with the fact that the Jordan 11 silhouette ( usually the high tops) are the most coveted ones in sneaker world. I’ll consider the following assumptions:

  • Footlocker and its derivatives will receive about 1/4 of the total inventory
  • Each physical FTL receives 18 pairs, FTA and Champs probably 12 pairs
  • And their online counterparts ( Eastbay included) will receive about a quarter of the inventory the physical locations will be allocated.
  • North America has  a little over 1000 active Footlocker stores, 547 Champs stores and  270 Footaction stores and those are the ones that will be considered.
jordan 11 low snakeskin navy
Footlocker release locator map
Footaction release locator map
air jordan 11 low snakeskin navy champs
Champs release map

Physical Stores: Footlocker ( 1000 x 18) + Champs ( 570 x 12) + Footaction (270 x 12)= 28080 pairs

Online allocations: A quarter  of the total number 28080/4=7020

let’s not forget give Eastbay a 1/4 of the total from the FTL,FTA, Champs online combined


So the Total from Footlocker and derivatives =28080 +7020+1755 =36855

And now the Grand total is based on our earlier assumptions: 36855 x4=147420

PS:I always want to point out that all these predictions are purely based on assumptions in other words, everything I said here was birthed out of my own subjective assertions.


I always take to eBay first to check for the market value of the shoe being analyzed but we all know that with the advent of newer marketplaces like GOAT and StockX, there has been a clear obvious shift in the market when it comes to hyped sneakers. I already wrote about it, see link below

Nike Is Being Gracious To Retailers In The Month Of April

I just want to point that out at the outset; as of April the 17th, I collected the follwing data via eBay:

$257.99 x 5 pairs sold

$240 x 23 pairs sold

$250 x 27 sold

$285 x 3 pairs sold

$280 x 7 pairs sold

Based on the numbers above the current market value via eBay is $251.92 ( that is a 28.46% mark up). I didn’t take into consideration eBay, paypal and shipping fees. Larger sizes ( 12-14) sold for $280+ and that makes perfect sense.

StockX’s current average sale price is $232 for a 18.9% mark up.

In conclusion, the Jordan 11 snakeskin low will definitely be a bonus for retailers.



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