Air Jordan 10 Seattle Supersonics 310805-137 | Another Lost Cause For Retail

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The last pair of Air Jordan 10’s I wrote about was the Woodland Camo edition; as I type this post, the shoe is becoming a museum piece in most retailers’s stores and websites, see screenshots below

air jordan 10 woodland camo dtlr website
This is DTLR online, the shoe is available in all sizes except 11.5 ( and i can almost guarantee that the store never received the 11.5’s probably because it’s a hard size to sell). The $190 price tag is still too high but this will certainly change within the next couple of weeks. DTLR is known for the exponential speed with which they mark down their items. don’t be surprised if this shoe is marked down to $160 next Friday
air jordan 10 woodland camo footlocker website
Not even major retailers are safe, Footlocker has also become a dumpster when it comes to general release retros. But the company’s only saving grace is the RTV system that allows to redeem all these excess products by returning them to Nike for a credit applied on their future purchases

Now let’s look at Nike’s own sales performance when it comes to the Jordan 10 Woodland Camo

air jordan 10 woodland camo nike online

Interestingly Nike sold out of sizes 10,12 12.5 and above; obviously Nike is doing something right and it’s called CDO ( Consumer Direct Offense). The brand is able to target the same customers its wholesale distribution channel is targeting before the latter does so. I wrote a post about a similar situation a couple of years ago, see link below

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Now let’s talk about the Air Jordan 10 Seattle Supersonics; I understand this is an OG (original ) colorway but that means very little because the Jordan 10 silhouette has always been received with a lukewarm attitude. And the $190 price tag doesn’t help either; folks that are looking to actually grab this style understand the drill. What I mean is they know that in the next 3 months, the Air Jordan 10 Seattle Supersonics will hit the sales’s rack so there is no rush to buy it now; and guess who is going to suffer the most? Retailers of course. The shoe is already available via StockX below retail and this means another rough week end for retailers

air jordan 10 seattle supersonics

A size 9.5 sold for $186 and a size 10.5 sold for $190 ( both under retail) and that’s litte less than two weeks before the shoe officially drops. The sales recorded are insignificant and they scream disaster for retail comes Saturday October the 19th.

I’m sure a minimum of 250,000 pairs will be made since every major and minor retailer is getting them.

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