Air Jordan 1 NRG Not For Resale Maize Yellow Is Extremely Limited-How Many Pairs Made?

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I wrote a post last week about the red version of the Air Jordan 1 NRG Not For Resale and the gimmick surrounding it, see link below

Air Jordan 1 “Not For Resale” How Many Pairs Made? The Gimmicks Continue To Get Worse

The varsity maize edition is actually more limited than the red pair and apparently there is only one store in North America getting the shoes, the FOOTACTION X JUMPMAN 23 DTLA located in Los Angeles , California. Figuring out the number of pairs made is going to be very subjective. The “23” included in the name of the location could be a key factor. I think there could be either 230 pairs or 2300 pairs made. A quick look at the third party marketplaces confirms how limited the shoes are. I checked  eBay and there is only one seller carrying a size 10 and it is listed at $1800. There is another pair being auctioned by a seller with a low feedback so I disregarded it. StockX has recorded 588 sales so far hence I will disregard the 230 pairs made unless StockX’s numbers are not a reflection of the TRUTH. This is also a great indicator of the current shift in the third party market- when it comes to high end commodities ( sneakers in this case) StockX is steadily eclipsing traditional marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Consignment Stores Like Flight Club May Soon Be Fossils

I asserted that 2300 pairs were produced; if that’s the case then the sneaker world is left with 1712 ( 2300-588) to acquire at retail. I’m assuming that Footaction was given about 1/4 of the entire inventory so FTA has about 575 pairs in stock. The shoe is not going to be available via FTA online so good luck getting a pair if you live on the East Coast.

In conclusion, the Air Jordan 1 NRG Not For Resale is really going to live up to its name and I expect a flood of bootlegs in the weeks to come. This shoe is going to be a great target for the replica industry.



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