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Air Jordan 1 Neutral Grey 555088-018 How Many Pairs Possibly Made| Market Value

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The Air Jordan 1 neutral grey/crimson is releasing about 2 days from today and I’m sure folks are wondering how limited the shoe is. I haven’t written any projection posts in about 2 weeks because of my new job structure so I do apologize for that. Feel free to donate to housakicks if you want me to continue to write this type of post on the site. Now let’s try to figure out how many stockists are getting the shoe then we’ll lean on our assumptions to make our inferences. So far the only major retailers I recorded apart from Nike were Footlocker and Footaction; and representing the minor retailers were Ruvilla/DTR and Eblens only. Now this could change in a day or two so use my information with a grain of salt. This also tells me that Nike has a special relationship with the stockists mentioned above. When it comes to Footlocker& its derivatives it doesn’t surprise me but Ruvilla/DTR and Eblens being part of the elite group is interesting ( I’ll be investigating the reasons for this very soon).


Footlocker, FTA will receive about 1/3 of the entire inventory ( Eastbay and Champs received nothing)

Their online locations will receive about 1/3 of the inventory the stores are getting.

.Each physical location will receive an average of 18 pairs

About  335 FTL stores will be given an inventory ( all HOH included plus select other FTL stores) and 270 FTA stores  will be considered.

FTL numbers= 335 x 18=6030 and FTA = 270 x 18=4860. Now let’s estimate the online stores’s numbers,

(FTL + FTA)online = (6030+4860)/3=3630

and the Total from Footlocker & derivatives = 6030 + 4860 + 3630=14520 ( notice that I even neglected Eastbay)

And the Grand Total would be =14520 x 3=43560 pairs or let say 40-45k pairs.

You can run your own numbers by checking the Footlocker and FTA release maps below

Air jordan 1 neutral grey release map via footlocker
air jordan 1 neutral grey release map via footaction



I summarized ebay’s findings in the histogram above; you can clearly see that sizes 8-9.5 have a market value in the low $300’s while size 12 and above are going for $250. This is definitely a great indicator of how well the shoe is going to do in the retail market. I would assume that no sizes will be left upon release date ( even bigger sizes have a 57% mark up ) so retailers should be rubbing their hands. I won’t even check StockX to see what the market value is on there, you can do that yourself.


You can buy obviously from Footlocker, Footaction, Ruvilla/DTLR or Eblens upon release date ( January the 24th) or buy them now on eBay from our featured sellers in the listings below

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