Air Jordan 1 High Phantom Sail Red 555088-160, Another Win For Retailers

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I came across the first images of the Air Jordan 1 High Phantom Sail Red  on a bootleg website about two weeks ago ( what does that tell you about how much inside information the replica industry is aware of). I wanted to write about it but because of the complexity of my schedule, I never got to it. The Jordan 1 silhouette has definitely given Nike an edge in this saturated market- margins for resellers on most of the Jordan 1 mids and highs are incredible ( in other words the Jordan 1 has revitalized the resale market to some extent). I’m not going to complain about the myriad of colorways of the Jordan 1’s Nike is birthing out of the laboratory because the brand is sticking to what works- if folks are thirsting after the Jordan 1’s then give them what they want.

The Air Jordan 1 High Phantom Sail Red  could be considered an offspring the Air Max 1 OG as well since it is dressed in the same white and red color combination. By now you all know that third party marketplaces dictate how a shoe is going to perform in retail. I quickly went on three major marketplaces this morning to check for the average market value of Phantom 1 and came up with the following numbers:


Only two sellers had the shoes listed on eBay but no sales were recorded; the average price of the shoe was between $275 and $325 but that means nothing when there is no sale to back it up.


Kixify has the shoe listed at $300 as seen in the picture above but once again I was disappointed because no sales were recorded.


StockX usually collects data from various marketplaces including theirs and what is usually rendered to us is the combination of all the information gathered. But I just checked eBay, Kixify and none of these places had any sales recorded so what you see in the picture above is probably stockX and maybe GOAT’s data. That tells me that StockX has definitely attracted more sellers for reasons that I’ve mentioned in the posts below

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StockX’s average market value is $281 for a 49.8% markup so Should You Buy To Flip? Heck to the YES. This is definitely going to be a great shoe retailers in men’s and kids sizes.


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