Air Jordan 1 High OG Patent Leather Blue Chill | How Many Pairs Possibly Made

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With the advent of the extended sizes in women’s shoes, several changes have taken place. Most of the women’s Jordan retros have a retail price similar to their male counterparts and Nike can justify it with because of the “extended sizes”. I didn’t know that the Air Jordan 1 High OG Patent Leather Blue Chill was a lady’s exclusive until a few days ago; I wanted to take a it of time to write a prediction on the number of pairs made this morning and  ran into a few issues. I reside in Maryland and usually all the Footlocker HOH locations receive most of the exclusive models. But when I entered my zip code into the search box via FTL launch locator map, I was surprised to see that among the 9 or 10 locations allocated an inventory, none of the locations that I frequent was included. This completely threw off my work this morning so I literally had to do a search state by state ( and even that wasn’t very accurate) so I’m standing on very shaky grounds. The first thing we must always do is take a quick count of the list of stockists allocated an inventory and as of right now, these following retailers are confirmed: Footlocker, Footaction, Champs, Finishline, KicksUSA, DTLR/Ruvilla, Shoepalace, Sheikh shoes, Jimmy Jazz, Shoe City, Eblens, Hibbett, City Gear, ShopNicekicks.

Notice that I’m only counting local retailers, I can’t really incorporate international retailers since I’m not sure how most operate. Now let’s write down our assumptions:

Footlocker and its derivatives are allocated about 1/6 of the entire inventory

.Footaction, Champs  receive about a half of what FTL is given

.FTL online receives about a third of the inventory the physical locations will receive ( and the initial assumptions will apply to FTA, Champs  online)

Here is the number of stores allocated an inventory per state.

AL(6), AZ(4), CA(22), CO(3), CT(4), DE(1), FL(10), GA(10), HI(0), IL(10), IN(4), KS(3), KY(3), LA(8), MD(10), MA(6), MI(10), MN(3), MO(3), NE(1), NV(4), NJ(4), NY(40), NC(8), OH(9), OK(2), OR(1), SC(2), PA(4), TN(8), TX(20), UT(2), VA(6), WV(2), a total of 233 stores.

Disclaimer: This is a rough estimate per state, I may have missed several locations ( FTL launch locator is very inaccurate, when you type in the state, it doesn’t provide the entire list of stores until you type different cities). It was a rough process

With that said, Footlocker will be getting about ( let’s set the number of pairs per store at 18)

233 x 18=4194 and if that’s the case Champs, FTA will also get together 4194 and in Total all 3 stores get about :8388

Online stores: FTL, Champs, FTA

4194/3=1398 for footlocker therefore FTA, Champs online will get about the same amount, 1398

All together the total is =8388  +10872=11184  let say 11000 pairs .

Now let’s find the Grand Total:

Our initial assumption was FTL+Chamsps+FTA+Eastbay receive 1/6 of the grand total hence

GT (Grand Total)=11000 x6= 66000 pairs


There are only 3 recorded sales on eBay, see image below

Because the sample is too small, we’ll not lean on eBay to make any inference but this is enough to tell you how well this shoe is going to do in the third party marketplaces.

StockX’s numbers are summarized in the image above; the platform is clearly showing a 240.6% markup and you don’t have to be Einstein to know that the AJ1 Patent leather will lead to homeruns. So should you buy to flip????? 



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