Air Jordan 1 High Black Gym Red | How Many Pairs Made| Should You Cop To Flip?

air jordan 1 high og black gym red 555088-061 how many pairs should you cop to flip

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The Air Jordan 1 High Black Gym Red is releasing officially on Saturday June the 29th and at first I thought the shoe was going to be very limited. But a quick look at Footlocker and its family members’s release map has changed my mind. I even think there were less pairs of the Jordan 1 High Phantom’s made than this upcoming release. Champs didn’t even have the Phantom 1’s so that says a lot about the number of units of the Jordan 1 High Black Gym Red we can expect. Let me give you a quick list of the stockists I’ve found and we’ll go ahead and make a projection on the numbers available to the public.

Major Retailers: Footlocker, Footaction, Champs, Finishline,Hibbett – available in stores and online

Minor Retailers: DTLR, Shoe city, Kicksusa, Sheikh, Eblens, Jimmy Jazz,City Gear, Shoe Palace

Minor Online: Nicekicks ( negligible numbers), and all the above

Let me show you the release map from Footlocker and family just to give you an idea of the possible numbers available.

air jordan 1 high og black gym red 555088-061 footlocker release map
footlocker release map- launch reservation which probably means most stores will get between 12 to 18 pairs ( 595 possibly allocated and inventory
air jordan 1 high og black gym red 555088-061 footaction release map
footaction release map 181 stores possibly allocated an inventory
air jordan 1 high og black gym red 555088-061 Champs release map
Champs release – an average of 182 physical stores allocated an inventory

The pictures above are only taking into consideration the physical stores, I haven’t even included the online allocation. With that said let’s set our assumptions and compute our numbers.

-Footlocker, Footaction & Champs will receive about 1/3 of the entire US inventory

–FTL, Champs & FTA online will receive about a 1/4 of the inventory the physical stores are getting

FTL+ FTA+ Champs ( physical stores allocation)= (595 x 18) + (181 x 18)+ (182 x 18)= 17244

FTL + FTA+ Champs ( online allocation)= 17244x (1/4)=4311

Total for Footlocker & Family online and in store= 17244 +4311=21555 let say 22,000 pairs

and US inventory Total= 22000 x 3=66,000

And it’s safe to say that the Grand Total would be 66,000 x 2=132,000 pairs ( I’m assuming that the res of the world will get just as many pairs as North America’s total)


To answer this question, let’s check out how the shoe is performing on third party marketplaces i.e. eBay and StockX ( would be the only places I will be checking today).


$300 ( size 8.5), $375 ( size 8.5), $300( size 9.5), $325( size 9.5), $249.90( size 10x 2), $269.9( size 10×2), $275 (size 10),$249.9 (size 10.5 x2), $249.9 (size 10.5), $220 ( size 10.5), $235 (size 11), $269.6( size 11), $249.9 ( size 11) ,$255 ( size 11),$204.99 ( size 12), $204.99 ( size 13)

air jordan 1 high og black gym red 555088-061 market value on ebay

air jordan 1 high og black gym red 555088-061 market value on ebay 1

Based on the chart above you’re most likely to sell your pair in the $240-275 price range. Smaller sizes ( 9.5 and under) are selling the highest and that’s because there is a certain segment of the world population that is only interested in those sizes. I will let you make your own decision based on the numbers you see above ( I’ll just advise you to leave larger sizes alone).

Stockx’s Data

air jordan 1 high og black gym red 555088-061 market value on stockx

Stockx’s average is $297 and that is only because smaller sizes ( size 9 and under) are selling for average of $300 and since most folks are purchasing those sizes, it shows a higher market value so be careful not to be fooled by this.

Retailers will sell out of smaller sizes ( size 10 and under ) and grad school sizes will sell out instantly but anything size 11 and above will sit on shelves for months to come. So folks with bigger feet should not be worried about striking out on this model.


Air Jordan 1 High Black Gym Red

Style#555088-061, $160

You can buy it now on eBay from our featured sellers in the listings below


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