Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint| How Many Pairs Possibly Made & Market Value?

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There is a bit of confusion as to when the Air Jordan 1 Crimson tint is releasing; I realized that the shoe is now going to be released on Friday April the 12th instead of Saturday the 13th. I will be writing another post about Nike’s strategic aim behind this, it has to do with finding a way to make resellers ‘s life miserable, stay tuned. I’m going to take a different approach this morning for finding the number of pairs of the Crimson 1’s that might have been made. As I looked at the number of stockists that were allocated an inventory , it became obvious that the Jordan 1 Neutral Grey and Phantom 1’s allocation might be similar to the Crimson 1’s numbers. Hence we can use create  linear model to make a believable estimate.

The Jordan 1 Neutral Grey released in January ( basically at t=0) and I projected a total 45,000 pairs. The Phantom 1 released in March ( t=3) and for a total number of 60,000 pairs projected. We can establish a liner equation based on these two data points,

rate of change or slope= (60,000-45,000)/ (3-0)=5000 and our standard unit would be=45,000 pairs

the equation therefore would be:

N= 5000 x ( t) + 45,000 for every pair of Jordan 1 modeled after the Neutral Grey and Phantom 1’s.

Now let’s run our number for the Air Jordan 1 Crimson:

AJ1 Crimson= 5000 x (4)+ 45000=65,000 pairs ( which I think sounds about right.


Let’s  collect some data from ebay to answer this question. The records below are dated from March the 23rd to April the 4th.

$289.99 x 3 ( sz8), $300 ( sz7.5), $289.99 x2 ( sz8.5), $295 (sz12), $349.99( sz8) $279.99 ( sz10), $249.99 (s10), $240 (sz10.5), $250 (sz12), $350 (sz8), $350 (sz8.5)

The average market value based on eBay’s data is $316.53 ( that’s a 86.45% mark up) so should you buy to flip? You can your grey matter and draw up your own conclusion. It’s also important to note that the mode ( the most likely value the shoe would sell for is $280). Obviously small sizes ( sz7.5-9) would yield the most margins but bigger sizes would be just as good based on volume. Retailers will have another great weekend , I already wrote about the Nike’s grace to retailers for the month of April, see post below

Nike Is Being Gracious To Retailers In The Month Of April


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