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ADIDAS YEEZY 350 V2 Zebra How Many Possibly Made? Even Papua New Guinea Is Getting The Shoe

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I want to make it clear from the beginning that mentioning the fact that Papua New Guinea stores are getting the Zebra Yeezy 350 isn’t meant to ridicule that part of the world. I’m from Togo( third world country) and as much as I love sneakers, I don’t see Adidas ever releasing a pair of Yeezy in Togo. So seeing that JD sports and Footlocker in PNG were allocated the Yeezy 350 V2 zebra was an eye opener. My objective this morning is to come up with a believable estimate of the number of pairs of the shoes produced. I seldom do this projection for Adidas shoes and I don’t know the type of relationship that exists between Adidas and its distributors so coming up with assumptions isn’t easy. I did receive a message from a minor retailer in the USA whose store alone received about 30 pairs so that can be a start. In the month of March I wrote a post trying to figure out the amount pairs of the Black Adidas Powerphase  produced and prior to coming up with an estimate, I took a count of the numbers of store given an inventory, and it was 93. Today I did a same thing with the Zebra Yeezy  350 V2 and that number went up to 533 ( and that’s not including major and minor retailers as well as boutiques in the USA). The 533 included all the rest of the world and Adidas USA. I hope you see the difference between 93 and 533 and how that is painting a vivid picture  of where Adidas is heading. I wrote a post about why it would make sense for the brand to make the Yeezy a GR ( General Release), see link below

Ye Might As Well Make The Adidas Yeezy A GR

From the looks of it, I believe Adidas is heading in that direction and that’s a good sign for the consumer as far as accessibility to the shoe is concerned. Now let’s figure out what type of assumptions we can use in this case. If a USA minor retailer location is receiving 30 pairs I would assume that major retailers will probably receive about thrice as much. And if that’s the case I can create an average number of pairs based on that assumption:

-(30 +90)/2= 60

-Let’s also assume the rest of the world will receive 2/3 of the total inventory while Adidas USA and major/minor US retailers receive about 1/3.

-Let’s also assume that online stores of the rest of the world will receive about 1/4 of the inventory the physical locations are getting.


Rest of the World=( 533-6) x 60 pairs=31620 pairs for physical locations

online locations= 31620/4=7905

Total for rest of the world =31620 + 7905=39525 or round it off to 40000

USA inventory 40,000/3=13333  let’s take it up to 150000

TOTAL INVENTORY BASED ON ASSUMPTIONS = 40000 + 15000=55000 pairs

I could be totally wrong ( based on my assumptions) but all I know is that they will be available in substantial numbers and the current resale value doesn’t disagree with my assertion.



I collected data obtained from three power sellers on eBay and all three combined sold about 28 pairs and using the numbers above we can come up with the following average:

(16 x $349.99 + 11 x $325.66 + $389.99)/28= $341.85

Another power seller is currently selling the shoes for $329.99, see screenshot below

You can clearly see that the shoes are available for $329.99 and this is from a power seller so people have options. Now let’s check how they are doing on StockX.

StockX recorded 1165 sales at an average price of $465 but that isn’t a reflection of what is taking place currently. The reason why the average price is high is because the sales include the original version and the retro pair as well. Also you can also see an outlier at $490 ( a size 16) so the only way anyone is going to capitalize on these is if they get their hands on sizes 14 and above.

I added the screenshot above to show you why the average price on stockX was $750- that was in july so it makes sense. The price has dropped down to $330 ever since and I’m suspecting that in weeks to come that price might even drop by 5% or 10%.

There you have it folks, I hope this info helps.







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NEW DS Adidas Originals Yeezy YZY 350 Boost V2 Zebra CP9654 White Red

End Date: Tuesday Nov-26-2019 5:18:10 PST
Buy It Now for only: $499.99
Buy It Now | Add to watch list



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