A Quick Breakdown Of May On Housakicks, StockX Benefited The Most

month of may stats on housakicks affiliate links
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I honestly didn’t plan on writing this post until I took a quick look at my affiliate report earlier this morning. I was aggravated with the meager commission I received from one of the merchants on my site, namely StockX, see screenshot below and my comments that follow after

month of may stats on housakicks affiliate links
Month of may stats on Housakicks affiliate links
stockx sales through Housakicks
Stockx sales through Housakicks

In the month of May I wrote 35 posts. Only two posts featured the purchased sneakers above. That’s a 2/35 ratio. The picture right above shows a total of four sneakers were purchased on StockX by way of Housakicks.

Here is the interesting part, three out of the four pairs were written about on my site through the Real vs Fake/ Projection posts which account for less than 10% of the network. Why am I saying that? Housakicks  is not employed by StockX or any other merchants with affiliate links. We only direct traffic to our affiliates through links inserted in our posts.

The point I’m really trying to make here is that if the entire network ( 100%) was dedicated to StockX or any other brands or retailers, how much more could they benefit? I wrote a post a few months ago about the same issue.

You’ll also notice that StockX received more clicks than other retailers/brands from my site and the reason is pretty clear. The platform ( StockX) has a better selection  of products than any retailer on the market, and not only that but the marketplace also has better prices overall. I’ve written several posts in which I stressed the fact that products were available on StockX for as low as 10-25% below their retail value before they even officially released, see post below:

Where Do You Cop Your Kicks? Loyalty, Experience Or Prices

It may seem that the amount of clicks sent to StockX weren’t that significant. The site isn’t dedicated to StockX. I arbitrarily insert their links on my posts depending on the topic I’m writing about. But I have an additional  proof to reject the “low clicks” argument.

eBay sales report may 2019
eBay sales report may 2019

Housakicks sent about 1,289 clicks to eBay in May for 11 items ordered and $918.19 in sales. The difference between the 224 clicks to StockX and 1,289 to eBay is about 1,065 or 475.45% but the most important element to take into consideration is the quality of those clicks. 224 clicks were responsible for $2,140.00 while 1,289 clicks were responsible for only $918.19. Obviously the more clicks the better the results but the quality of the clicks should never be ignored.

What can we all learn from all this data? First, StockX is very frugal and I’m hoping that the platform will realize that paying for Google Ads may not be as effective as investing in publishers like Housakicks that have the capacity to deliver more quality work and productive results. I hope the folks at eBay  understand what they are up against. With the right system in place eBay can easily re-disrupt StockX ( I won’t get into further details about it). As far as retailers are concerned, they are definitely heading toward “negative infinity” and I’ve already mentioned the reasons in several of my previous posts, check the latest one, see link below

Sneaker Retailers Will Have To Function Like Third Party Marketplaces



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