9 Non Hyped Sneakers You Can Resell To Make $500 Or More This Month

9 non hyped sneakers you can resell to make $500 this month

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In this post I give you a detailed breakdown of 9 non hyped sneakers you can resell to make a minimum of $500 this month. Most resellers always target the most hyped sneakers such as the Jordan 1 UNC, Jordan 4 UNC , Travis Scott Jordan 6 because these shoes give them what I call a homerun. These are sneakers that if sold individually can fetch anywhere between $150-$400 in profit. These types of sneakers are extremely hard to get and folks have to spend a considerable of time and money on tricks just to score a pair. Moreover, they don’t drop very often and do not provide a consistent flow of extra money. The sneakers that I presented in the slideshow below are relatively easy to get if you’re willing to do a bit of driving and scouting. You can also get access to multiple pairs of the same style which maximizes your profit.

Your profit will depend on the platform you choose to sell your sneakers. Most folks want to sell their items on StockX because of the instant gratification; but in the process they leave a lot of money on the table. The key is to assign a turnaround time and stick with it. I’ll say a 30 day shelf life is decent. Give yourself a month to sell all the items you’ve acquired based on the list below and set your targeted profit. eBay no longer charges selling fees on sneakers sold for $100 and more in men’s and women’s, and I’ll encourage you to consider selling everything you pick up on eBay.  The next thing you want to do is set your targeted profit per item picked up. Let me give you a quick scenario on how this works.

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