2 Chainz x Cam Newton – “Let Me In” | Champs Sports and Under Armour: The Moment Part 4 | Marketing

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA

I’ve been asking for more video content from Under Armour. Like the recent Infiniti video featuring Steph Curry, Under Armour allows Champs to do the heavy lifting to profile UA. My immediate question is who paid for this promo? The video is not cross platform. It does not appear on UA’s website, but it has been retweeted by the brand. I’m sure that this was a collaborative effort and it gives UA one of the first promotional items in support of retail that I’ve seen (or can think of) and I have to commend the brand. One of my biggest complaints with UA has been the lack of support shown to retail outlets carrying their footwear. The in store marketing and merchandising has been weak. However, if they are going to begin creating content in conjunction with retail outlets and creating storytelling around the product in store, I hope that this carries over to the Curry 4 (which I still think the brand is making a mistake introducing it and keeping it out of the public eye for so long). That’s another discussion.

What do I think about this marketing effort?


  1. Champs has made sure to spend on the YouTube video which has driven the watch time up and interaction. That’s a good thing.
  2. They utilized strong connection to Cam as a “different” quarterback. In my mind this is code word for “black” and the fact that he is an in your face personality. Things that black players are often looked down on. This is a strategy that I can see connecting to people of all races and more specifically his words speak to the core of youth and rebellion. Cam says, “I’m not here to fit in your world; I’m here to make my own.” Which is a bold declaration.
  3. Utilizing 2Chainz is a smart approach and the original song drops references to Under Armour and Champs. While I may think that the beat is repetitive and 2Chainz has only dropped one dope verse out of all of his songs, millennials like this dude.


  1. There isn’t any additional support for the video. Neither Under Armour nor Champs has taken the time to add Cards or End Screen Annotations. Both of these tools can be used to send people to links to purchase the footwear, or refer them to more videos in the series. They also failed to update the description on the video with links to the footwear.
  2. They didn’t place this series (there are three videos) into a playlist so the videos would play one after another. Instead the playlist takes you to more Champs content. This is good for Champs, not so good for UA as a few of the videos in the list feature Migos and adidas.
  3. They failed to capitalize on the entire project by making the actual song available for download via Champs or UA.
  4. Cam should not, I repeat should not try to use a spraycan. His C1N is wack. Leave that to real graf writers. Him tossing the spraycan to a graf writer gives shine to another medium and stays within his football scope.
  5. 2Chainz just completed a Ewing collab and has an adidas collab. He has been notably featured in shopping sprees for Nike and Jordan Brand. This is another instance where influencer marketing is shaky when it comes to performers. The video would have been just as effective with Cam’s narration and the beat.

Overall I appreciate that Under Armour is creating content to support retail. Check it out and let me know what you think.