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Jon Snow, one of the main characters in the Game Of thrones made the phrase “Winter is coming” very popular. Well, winter is almost here which means boots time is here. UGG is looking to remaster one of their most iconic boots- the Classic II style. According to the brand’s CEO Dave Powers, “This is without a doubt the biggest launch UGG has ever undertaken in its 38 year history. Updating a product as iconic as the Classic was a big decision. However, after listening to what our consumers want we knew it was time.” I know some brands that might need to learn a thing or two from this UGG brand’s approach-listening to the consumer.


The Remastered Classic II Ugg Boots will feature a  water-resistant sheepskin upper that is also stain resistant; the boots will sport also sport the classic Treadlite by UGG outsole ( that emcompasses cushion,durability, lightweight and great traction). A new logo and a complete-grain leather heel plate will complete the look of the boots. Watch the promo video below of of the Remastered Classic II UGG boots below for more details

The Remastered Classic II UGG boots are available via most distribution channels but you can also buy them on ebay, see listings below

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Okay, so who in the hell is dropping that much siracha?

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