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Washington Wizards Offense Without John Wall Courtesy Of Coach Daniel

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There has been a bit of turmoil within the Washington Wizards organization since John Wall went down with a knee injury. Interestingly enough, the players have been the one to initiate some of the controversy. Usually it’s the media that tends to come up with cancerous things to stir up the pot but it hasn’t been the case this time like I said. The Wizards are currently 14 and 8 with the 7th ranked offense in the NBA; that’s why many people think that they may not need J. Wall which I completely disagree with. Guys like Bradley Beal and Gortat have benefited immensely from his drives and kick. In today’s video, coach Daniel is giving us a look at Washington’s offense without Wall. Be sure to subscribe to his channel for more fantastic breakdowns like this.

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