Steve Kerr On The Secret Behind The Warriors Lethal Offense Courtesy Of Coach Nick

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I was just watching Coach Nick’s interview with Warriors Coach Steve Kerr and boy was it delightful. Steve Kerr definitely knows and has mastered his craft. He  intelligibly articulated his answers to every question Coach Nick threw at him witch such an ease that I knew he lived and breathed the game of basketball. And another thing that stood out was his familiarity with his players. He seemed to be very in tune with his players which seems very remarkable. He mentioned a couple of things about players you wouldn’t think he’ll even acknowledge i.e. Shawn Livingston. He is quite a humble man that has admitted to establishing his lethal offense by borrowing tons of plays from coaches like Gregg Popovich ( Motion strong ), Rick Adelman (Horn/corner actions), Alvin Gentry And D’antoni ( 21 wrinkles), Tex Winter (triangle offense) just to name a few. Watch the entire interview in the video below and be sure to subscribe to BBallbreakdown 

tayib salami
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