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OKC VS UTAH Game 5 Breakdown Courtesy Of Coach Nick | Westbrook’s 45 points

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The Oklahoma City Thunder’s season has been very bumpy; I personally think Coach Donovan still hasn’t figured out how to adequately use his rotations. He has three legitimate scorers in this team and I don’t understand why their offense stalls at times. Melo is known to be a liability on the defensive end and it’s the coaches’s job to hide him so other teams don’t exploit that weakness. I thought they were the favorite going in this series but Coach Snyder has literally outplayed Donovan so far. Game 5 was a decisive game for Westbrook and his teammates and his herculean effort led to an epic comeback win that gave OKC another crack at this series. Coach Nick just released a breakdown of the OKC VS Utah Game 5 for your convenience. Be sure to subscribe to Bballbreakdown for more playoffs analysis

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