7 Reasons Why Everyone Needs These Memory Plus Sof Sole Insoles

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By the time I’m done talking about this Memory Plus sof sole insoles, I’m convinced 99.9% of you guys will try them out. If you are like me with severe back pains, knee pains and if you struggle with plantar fasciitis, then you definitely need to read this. I have tried all types of insoles in the past including the Dr Scholls amongst many other brands, but to my surprise they never helped me- you can imagine my frustration after spending so much money. About three weeks ago, I walked into Dick’s in search of insoles or shoes that could relieve my back and knee pains. I ran into a sales Associate in her late 40’s who highly recommended the Memory Plus Sof sole insoles. My initial thought was: ” she is just trying to sell me a product”. Nonetheless I mustered up enough faith and decided to give the insoles a try; to say that  they are incredible is an understatement. Let me just give you a few reasons why you need these:

1.Amazing Cushioning: It literally feels like you have added 2 or 3 inches to your height, they give your foot the extra padding and cushion it needs

2. High impact absorption: I go out on the basketball court to practice my non contact drills and post moves and all I have on my feet is a pair of Rosherun ( which aren’t basketball shoes), but because of the insoles i can go out and practice for hours.

3.Reduction of back and knee pain: I get up in the morning and my knees and my back do not hurt as much ( the pain has probably been reduced by 40 to 50%), the shooting pain in the bottom of my foot is literally nonexistent anymore.

4. Durability: I purposely waited 3 weeks to see if the insoles will lose any of the original properties/benefits/functions, but to my surprise none has been lost, it feels just like a fresh brand new pair.

5. Mold To your foot: specifically engineered to adapt to your foot.

6. Microban function incorporated to help prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria.

7. Increased Physical activity: many people aren’t able to do light physical exercises ( walking, speed walking ) because their feet hurt, these insoles will definitely enhance and improve your activity level by relieving  the pain.

Here is my video review on the Memory Plus Sof Sole Insoles

See The manufacturer’s own description and features below:

The Sof Sole Memory plus insole features high – impact memory foam for personalized comfort. The insole molds to your foot as you move, cushioning each and every step. It is flexible and low profile enough to fit into any type of shoe, yet is durable enough to last.


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Might be cheaper on ebay, see listings below




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