Lebron James Effect On The Lakers Offense Courtesy BBallbreakdown

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Small market teams like the Warriors have completely changed the landscape of the NBA. They have proven that you can build a championship caliber team through the draft; it’s a slow but steady process that requires great scouts and a lot of patience. Before the Warriors won their first NBA title, many analysts weren’t sold on the idea of a jump shooting team actually been the champion. Golden States style of play is a derivative of the Spurs ball movement and the icing on the cake is that the Warriors are loaded with five All Star players. This post is taking another route so I’ll stick to the topic at hand; the Lakers made some major moves this post season with the addition of Lebron James to their roster. The team already has a strong young core and Lebron’s arrival might propulse to a potential third seed out west. Today coach Nick of BBallbreakdown is giving us a preview of the Lakers offense under Lebron James, see video below and be sure to subscribe to Bballbreakdown

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