Jokic Or Joel Embiid, Who is The Overall Better Big Man?

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Nikola JoKic or Joel Embiid? The landscape of the NBA has changed and now centers are leaving their natural position and are expected to do a little bit of everything. Guys like Porzingis, Jokic and Embiid are part of the newer breed of big men with great visibility on the court who are also able stretch and put the ball on the floor. They are endowed with amazing abilities that set them apart from their peers; and you know with that comes the tendency for fans like us to try to compare them to see who is the best. In today’s edition of BBallbreakdown, Coach Nick will make the case for both players pragmatically by comparing their numbers on both the offensive and the defensive ends. Watch the video carefully and be sure to subscribe to BBallbreakdown for more contents like this.

tayib salami