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NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers

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The Clippers are having an interesting season. They were off to a strong start and have been struggling as of late with key guys like Chris Paul and Blake griffin out with injuries. I think this is a make or break season for the team, and frankly I don’t see them getting past the second round ( and I’m being generous ). But there are still promising signs  within the organization-Kevin Garnett has been working with DeAndre Jordan to polish his raw post moves and his free throw percentage. But the thing is: will the practice time translate onto the court? If it does , teams in the western conference are going to have a hard time containing any pick and roll involving DJ- he still athletic and if he adds a decent jumper to his game in addition to shooting more than 67% from the free throw line , just imagine how much dangerous the clippers could be.

I follow by Any Means Bball on YouTube and was looking for someone to give me a better anatomy of Jamal Crawford crossover moves. He just posted a video on it; you should definitely subscribe to his channel and watch it thoroughly.  At 6’5 and the age of 36 he is still one of the most dangerous isolation players the league has ever seen. He has embarrassed tons of guys over the last 16 years. The only reason why this guy isn’t a starter is because of his horrible defense. But the Clippers have relied on him heavily for instant offense of the bench.


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