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How Will Lebron James Fit In The Sixers’s System If He Joins The Team?

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The Cleveland Cavaliers literally traded half of their roster right around the trade deadline. They added new pieces that seemed to have revived the team. They went on to obliterate my Celtics and social media outlets erupted with  the” Cleveland is back” phrase. What a lot of folks seem to forget is that the NBA is full of scouts whose job is to study  the tendency of players . All it took were four or five games to cool off LeBron James and his new teammates. The big question remains- Will LJ still be a Cavalier next season?
No one knows what king James is going to do but Cleveland’s last game with the 76ers reveal some type of bromance between LeBron and Embiid. Would LJ consider Philly as a possible destination to complete the Sixers’s process? Today coach Nick toyed with the idea of how king James could fit with Philly. They run a lot of sets that LeBron is familiar with and with his skills set could he take the 76ers to an NBA championship? Watch the video below courtesy of coach Nick and hopefully that ‘ll answer those questions. Be sure to subscribe to BBallBreakdown


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