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Coach Nick On How To Beat The Golden State Warriors

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You all know by now that every team’s objective in the NBA is to steal the crown from the Golden State Warriors. Their style of play is so lethal that teams can’t afford to make the slightest mistake against them. I remember a few years ago, guys like Barkley were talking about how fast paced/ jump shooting teams couldn’t win an NBA title because the playoffs were solely based on developing a half-court offense. I hope these NBA analysts realize how most teams in the league have now adopted Mike D’Antoni fast paced offense, the Spurs ball movement for floor spacing resulting in volume triples. The Warriors have added so many wrinkles to their offense ( they can afford it because at any given time, they have four or five guys on the floor that can kill you from the outside). But teams are beginning to find ways to defeat the Warriors and so far this season they’ve lost twice against Houston and the OKC Thunder.

Coach Nick from BBallbreakdown thinks he has figured out one of the ways to defeat the Warriors. He is using the Thunder as the blueprint and according to him: physicality, length and athleticism are the key ingredients. I won’t disclose all the strategies in writing but I’ll invite you to watch the video below courtesy of BBallbreakdown.

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