Carmelo Anthony Is Planning On Joining The Houston Rockets

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At this point, the NBA has become a circus and most teams are looking to create their own version of the Big 3, but does it really matter when they have to face the Big 5 ( I’m referring to the Warriors starting unit). I just thought about something as I typed the last sentence,

Houston’s defeat at home to the Warriors was partly because Cp3 wasn’t on the floor

According to the NBA, Carmelo Anthony is planning on joining the Houston Rockets and will sign a one-year $2.4 million deal. Do I think they’ll be the  top seed in the West this season again? I highly doubt it provided they’ve lost a solid defender in Trevor Ariza. Will Melo come off the bench or will he insist on being a starter? I don’t want to say anything negative about Anthony but his past season with OKC proved to be mediocre and a failure. Was he to be blamed for it? Again I won’t answer that because the whole team was meshing very well.  I shared a post last year about Melo being the icing on the cake for OKC, see link below ( and I think he is going into a similar situation in Houston so whatever was said in the video below remains)

Why Carmelo Anthony Is The Icing On The Cake For OKC? The Proof Via Coach Nick

image via NBA Buzz

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