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The Anatomy Of Draymond Green Game Courtesy Of By Any Means Basketball

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You may not like Draymond Green as a matter of fact I’m one of those who can’t wait till he gets posterized Brandon Knight’s style. It hasn’t happened yet but I’m hoping he’ll soon be the recipient of a monstrous dunk. Draymond Green is basically the heart and motor of the Golden State Warriors. He is not and surely doesn’t look athletic but if you watch the warriors’s game you’ll be amazed at his attention to intricate details during the game. He has an unmatched feel for the game that is only typical for exceptional players, and truth be told he is exceptional. The funny thing is Green was a second round pick in the 2012 NBA draft. But he came into the NBA fully seasoned and ready to make an impact on his team. Even in his college years, he showed his leadership abilities; as a senior during the 2011-2012 season, Green captained the Michigan State Spartans to a regular season Big Ten championship and Big Ten Tournament championship.

That’s not what I wanted to share with you this morning though. I was searching for some good basketball content and my scouting took me to By Any Means Basketball channel which I highly recommend by the way. Whoever runs this channel definitely pays attention to details that the average fan doesn’t see. In his latest video, he gives you an anatomy of Draymond Green’s game and his impact on the Warriors’defense and offense. Be sure to watch it is entirety and subscribe to ByAnyMeansBasketball for similar content.

img via mercurynews