What In The World Is An Under Armour UA Curry 3 Flight Jacket

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The Under Armour UA Curry 3 Flight Jacket just made me scratch my head again; I can easily rank the curry 3 as one of the best performance shoes of 2016, but UA poor marketing campaign ill-matched the efficiency of the shoes. The curry 1 & 2 had very strong stories behind them; take the Curry 1 ” Dark Matter “ for example; they were made to emphasize Steph Curry’s inner strength ( what energizes him to perform at a high level- I think this was clearly a nod to his strong Christian belief: I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me). People were able to relate to the earlier editions of the Curry’s ( one could emotionally connect with them to some extent).

Now compare the “Curry 2 Dark Matter” to the Under Armour UA Curry 3 Flight Jacket ( and I’m not focusing on functionality but rather marketing). I did a comparison of the Curry 2 and 3 a few weeks ago and I came to the conclusion that the 3’s were definitely better: you can watch the video here. I don’t know what the story is behind the Flight Jacket Curry 3; I know there is some type of military theme behind it but there is no story- it’s just another shoe in the eyes of many. And the worse part is they don’t even look green but grey- they are supposed to feature an artillery green and black color scheme but they appear grey. See Pictures below.

Until Under Armour invests in better marketing campaigns for the Curry 3 , they will end up on eBay selling for as low as $106 ( mind you the retail price is $140). What do I mean by better marketing campaigns? 

Even though KD joined the Warriors, SC is still the face of the franchise and UA needs to give him more relevance; he is no longer an underdog so people aren’t just going to buy Curry shoes like two years ago. The brand has to do everything in their power to keep his candle lit. Nike just released the Kyrie 3 and I have seen all types of ads of the shoes all over the internet. For instance, walk into a HOH and pay attention to the wall: all you  see are  Kyrie and Lebron posters everywhere showcasing their current sneakers. Like My friend Chris from ARCH said, Nike understand content creation- they know how to use the power of blogs ,ads and other avenues to keep their athletes pertinent. Hopefully UA realizes it sooner than later.


UA Curry 3 Flight Jacket


Artillery Green/Black-Radiate, $140 January 15

I highly recommend the curry 3 for basketball, and right now you can find them on eBay under retail, see listings below



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