Under Armour UA Curry 5 China Edition And Steph Asia Tour Info

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Under Armour lack of enthusiasm towards Curry’s signature shoes continues to show with every new colorway that is introduced. Had I not checked out flichtclub.cn this morning, I wouldn’t have known anything about warrior guard Steph’s upcoming Asia tour. I purposely checked Under Armour site, youtube channel and IG’s account to see if any information was posted about the tour and I found absolutely nothing about it. It seems like Curry is more hyped overseas than he is in North America; there is only one video ad on UA’s youtube channel on the Curry 5 and that says a lot about how little interest is shown to the most lethal 3 point shooter in the history of the NBA.  I have been talking about the lack of campaign dedicated to the Curry line since the UA Curry 1 dropped and it seems like our words have fallen on deaf ears. Steph is a very valuable asset to the brand but Nike has so overshadowed Under Armour that I believe the brand has given up on doing anything to promote Curry signature shoes in North America. Steph may no longer be an underdog but he is still idolized by the youth and other athletes. The landscape of the NBA has changed and most teams have adopted the warrior’s volume shooting style by spacing the floor and giving guards the green light to shoot; and do you know why? Because of Steph Curry and I think UA is wasting his value by not really captivating on all the opportunities this young man can give them. You can read my previous posts about it, see link below

Under Armour Ought To Ready Up For Curry’s Return, The UA Curry 4& 5


September 6 – 8 Manila, Philippines 

September 8 – 10, Wuhan, China

September 10 – 12, Tokyo, Japan


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