Under Armour UA Curry 5 Already? Why So Soon?

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I still haven’t picked up a pair of the Curry 4 yet, I’ve been waiting for them to hit the sales rack. And some colorways are currently on sale for $109 but I think that’s still too much. Early this morning I came across the latest pair of Curry, The UA Curry 5 and all I could think of was: isn’t this too soon?

The Curry 4 was released subtly and there was little to no marketing done for the shoes. I’ve received more information about the Curry 4 from  random youtube videos than Under Armour’s own website. Steph Curry is UA’s best athlete and for the brand to not take advantage of that very fact  is utterly embarrassing. And to make matters worse, Curry’s ankles issues have started again

Is the UA Curry 4 to be blamed for this problem? The UA Curry 5 is the very first shoe in Steph’s collection in a low cut. Usually the brand releases the high cut version and then follows it up with the lows. So I wonder if the Curry 4’s were the reason behind his recent injury . It’s very odd that the brand will release a newer pair so soon? We have to ask ourselves these questions. They didn’t even release an alternate version of the Curry 4’s. After the Curry 2, there was the Curry 2.5, then the Curry 3 came out and was followed with the Curry 3zero’s. But with the 4th edition, there wasn’t an alternate version which leads me to think  that UA didn’t really believe in the Curry 4’s.


The UA Curry 5 features a knitted upper, synthetic overlays with the SC logo placed near the tongue. I don’t have a lot of information about the material used on them so I’ll refrain from disclosing any information on that. Stay tuned


img via flightclub.cn


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