Under Armour Ought To Ready Up For Curry’s Return, The UA Curry 4& 5

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Stephen Curry went down with a Grade 2 MCL sprain courtesy of Javale Macgee a few games before the  end of the regular season; the Warriors finished second in the Western Conference but wrapped up their season on a mediocre note. It led a lot of sports’s analysts to question their chances of another title in the playoffs. They proved yesterday that they were serious contenders  by crushing the San Antonio Spurs  at the Oracle Arena. You can watch a breakdown of the game via Coach Nick

I found out from Nba.com that Curry will probably return for the Western Conference semis ( talking about being very confident). That’s when I thought to myself-what’s wrong with this picture? Yes it’s the  NBA’s duty to give us updates on players’s injuries but how come Under Armor has said nothing about it? Steph is the only notable/worthy athlete UA has in the basketball arena and the brand hasn’t really provided any information on him as of late. Curry has a large fan base and UA has the perfect opportunity to connect with themby creating materials related to his injury/return. I went to the company’s website and went on UAbasketball on youtube and not one of those platforms has mentioned Curry’s progress at all. This is the perfect opportunity to spice things up before the 3 point maestro makes a comeback. The brand  should be in the laboratory right now working on narratives for sneakers to celebrate Curry ‘s return, and in the process engage his audience. They ought to take a page of Nike’s book as it pertains to Lebron; he has been gracing NBA arenas with gems after gems of the Lebron PE 15’s and folks were literally tuning in to regular season games just to see what James had on his feet. Under Armour has done very little campaigns to promote Curry’s line ( there is only one campaign currentlu on UA’s site for the Curry 4). He is the only surviving thread they have and the varieties of backstories they can create for his upcoming sneakers could really revive his sneakers. The Curry 5 pi was a brilliant idea, here is what UA said about it,

Inspired by the ancient Pi equation of “squaring the circle,” the Curry 5 Pi was designed with one thing in mind – to continue helping Stephen achieve the impossible on court.

The Curry 5 embodies Stephen and the idea of being wired different; what it means to achieve the impossible, to break the mathematical norm and expectations of what a basketball player can be.

All I’m saying is that now is the time for UA to push the gas pedal as far as they can, it’s the playoffs, Curry is coming back very soon and it makes for the perfect storm.

Under Armour UA Curry 5 Already? Why So Soon?

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Curry practicing with the UA Curry 5 on feet img via Nicekicks.com
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