Will The UA Curry 3 Low Chef Be Another Laughingstock

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You all remember what happened last year when the UA Curry 2 Low Chef released; the shoes became the subject of mockery, and the internet erupted with all types of ridiculous memes satirizing them. Whoever released the official pictures of the Curry 2 Low chef did an awful job- they literally looked like clown shoes, hence the ridiculous aftermath. Believe it or not but the shoes ended up selling very well because of the amount of exposure they generated.


Well, I spotted the upcoming UA Curry 3 Low chef, and I wasn’t too thrilled about them. The High top Curry 3 has received a lukewarm response from many folks; even the CEO of Footlocker said their  UA sales have dropped, but I strongly disagree with his claims. I have already sold an average of 12 pairs for Retail +, and I haven’t really promoted the shoes that much. Moreover, I went to my local Footlocker about a week ago, and the store had just received their second run of the Curry 3.; makes you think if the CEO really knows what he is talking about.

This post was about the UA Curry 3 Chef Low but I got carried away. The High Top Curry 3 features a mixture of anafoam and their new threadborne technology ( intended to mold to the foot and facilitate directional changes on the court). However this low profile Curry 3 Chef is dressed in some type of premium leather material. It comes in a ll white color scheme with black overlays on the carbon fiber shanks on the heel. I wonder if UA is using leather on these for the sole purpose of creating some type of opulence appeal. Basically making the shoe look luxurious so people can buy into it. I can tell you right now , I’m not very excited about them. I’m not sure when these are going to officially release, but check out the pictures below and leave me your feedback.

under-armour-ua-curry-3-low-chef-2 under-armour-ua-curry-3-low-chef-3 under-armour-ua-curry-3-low-chef-4 under-armour-ua-curry-3-low-chef-5 under-armour-ua-curry-3-low-chef-6 under-armour-ua-curry-3-low-chef-7 under-armour-ua-curry-3-low-chef-8 under-armour-ua-curry-3-low-chef-9


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