This $23 AND1 Maverick Basketball Shoe Is Certainly A Must Have

AND1 Maverick basketball shoe
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In the days before Youtube, the And1 mixtapes reigned supreme in the basketball world. They served as a window into streetball and all its glamor. Hot Sauce, Skip 2 My Lou, Escalade to name a few were the face of the franchise. What’s more, their shoes were highly coveted and actually being sold at footlocker. I picked up three distinct silhouettes in the early 2000’s and was proudly rocking them. The And1 hyped eventually faded and all attempts to resurrect it were unsuccessful. With that also came the demise of the shoes. I was recently surprised to find a pair of the And1 Maverick basketball shoes at my local Walmart for only $23. Despite its low price, the shoe was actually of well-above average quality. Here’s a video of the shoes, see link below

Quick Look At The And1 Maverick Basketball Shoe

Personal Observations: AND1 Maverick

I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I first saw the AND1 Maverick basketball shoe.  I was expecting the price tag to be much higher than $22. But after doing some research and reading some reviews, I was surprised to find that most people were really happy with the shoe. People praised their comfort, stability, cushioning, and breathability.

I could tell they were well-constructed shoes. They’re made of PU leather, which is a step up from traditional synthetic leather, and they’re lightweight without being too flimsy. The double-stacked midsole provides excellent cushioning, and the herringbone-patterned outsole is non-marking. In terms of comfort, these shoes are great right out of the box – no need to break them in!

Stability and Lockdown
One of the most important things for a basketball shoe is good lockdown. Nobody wants their feet slipping around inside their shoes when they’re making quick cuts or jumping for a rebound. The Mavericks definitely provide good lockdown support –  based on the reviews I read, most people’s feet felt snug and secure inside the shoes throughout.
The Mavericks also offer good stability. The high ankle collar is especially helpful in keeping one’s ankles stable.

Cushioning and Breathability
As I mentioned before, the double-stacked midsole provides excellent cushioning – probably some of the best cushioning you’ll find in a shoe at this price point. The Mavericks are also surprisingly breathable for such an affordable shoe.


They run true to size

All in all, I was really impressed with the AND1 Maverick basketball shoe. For $23, you really can’t go wrong – these shoes offer great comfort, lockdown support, stability, and breathability. If you’re in the market for a new pair of basketball shoes on a budget, I would definitely recommend giving the Mavericks a try!

Where To Buy The AND1 Maverick

Walmart ($22.98), CLICK HERE

Quick History Of AND1

The AND1 mixtape series was conceived in 1998 with the goal  to create a platform that would serve as an alternative voice to the NBA-centric coverage that was saturating popular culture. In order to do so, they needed something that would appeal to young fans who related more to streetball than polished NBA players. They found their solution in the form of professional streetballers who could show off their jaw-dropping moves on the blacktop. These athletes became household names in basketball culture and helped propel AND1 to new heights.

AND1’s Swagger Helps Them Take Over the Basketball World

What separated AND1 from other brands was not just their exceptional product but also their brash attitude. In an era where Nike and Adidas were signed mainstream NBA superstars to endorse their products, AND1 decided to go against the grain by spotlighting lesser known talents who played on concrete instead of hardwood. This gave them an edgy appeal that resonated with young hoopers who dreamed of one day being featured in one of their mixtapes. The company also cleverly marketed their shoes by giving away free pairs to participants in dunk contests and 3-point shootouts at local parks nationwide. This created even more demand for their product and helped solidify their place as one of basketball’s most popular brands.

The Fall of AND1

Eventually, the popularity of AND1 began to wane as YouTube emerged as the new go-to destination for highlight reel material. Fans no longer needed to wait for the latest mixtape release when they could simply log on and watch their favorite streetballers put on a show whenever they pleased. Furthermore, many established sneakers companies had begun producing low-top performance models that imitated AND1’s style which made it harder for them to differentiate themselves from the competition. Add all these factors together and it’s no surprise that AND1 wasn’t able produce sustained success in the years that followed.

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