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I couldn’t wait to pick up a pair of the Grey  Nike Kobe AD; they sold out instantly online on November 22. But the next day, I was in my local HOH and they were still available in my size ( size 12). So I quickly paid the $160 plus tax and picked them up, and was very eager to rush to the playground to test them. Well, I couldn’t test them the same day because by the time I got home, it was already dark, another reason why I hate this time of the year.

So on the thursday of thanksgiving, I grabbed my recording device , and with the help of my son and my buddy Andrew, I rushed to the court to evaluate the shoes- here are my observations:

-Aesthetic: the shoes definitely look great in grey. I love the iridescent effect on the back; I think the DNA motif on the heel is brilliant- a reminder of mimicking one’s game after Kobe.

-Cushion: Cushion is 9.9/10; these are the very first Kobe signature shoes with a midsole. They are equipped with the lunarlon midsole intended to distribute the shock impact evenly on the foot and legs. It is light and very well padded, so cushioning is great.

_Traction:  I was purposely dragging my feet, and was questioned by my son about it humorously. Well, traction is good, I was on a dry playground so I had no problems setting my feet and shooting. I took two spot up shots and nailed them both, I was well balanced; traction is 9/10

-Comfort/Stability: This was my biggest disappointment- as soon as I laced up the shoes, I wanted to take them off. Remember, they feature flywires which are supposed to enhance stability and keep your foot locked in. I have a very wide foot so , so I felt like the shoes were literally crushing, squeezing and choking my feet. It got to the point where my feet felt warm and I was very uncomfortable. I had to cut the video short and didn’t even do a ” in game” feature of them. My feet were definitely stable but very sore on the sides and near the toe box. I definitely wouldn’t recommend them for people with wide feet. I think Kobe engineered them with people with narrow feet in mind.

I even tried to wear the shoes last night for my Sunday pick up game and took them off after 5 mn. I was told to get a bigger size but the problems I’m having with the shoes are occurring on the side panels; I don’t think even a bigger size will be a solution. Watch my video below for the entire breakdown.

You can buy the Grey Nike Kobe AD on ebay, see listings below from our trusted featured sellers. But before you purchase them from ebay, check your Footlocker Store locator.


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