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Remade’s Custom Air More Uptempo CNY “Chinese New Year”

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Several years ago, you wouldn’t see custom pairs of the Nike Air more Uptempo for the simple fact the shoe was iconic. I know I’ve been beating a dead horse with my constant mentions of Nike’s killing of the uptempos. But not everything I say about the uptempo is always negative; there are only two pairs of uptempos that caught my attention this year and one of them is the Doernbecher edition and the Remade’s Custom Air More Uptempo CNY which I’m talking about this morning.

The artist was inspired of course by the Chinese New Year.  I don’t see a lot of elements of the festival on the shoes; they have a more patriotic tone to them ( with the red on the uppers representing the Chinese national flag along with the stars on the back panel). And the lettering on the sides in gold symbolize the Chinese currency ( CNY) but it also allegorically represent the Chinese New Year.


Italian Calf Skin, Italian Lambskin, Temperature changing leather, Copper lace buckles

The Festival itself lasts for 23 days, ending on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the following year in the Chinese calendar. During the festival, houses are clean spotless, red posters with poetic verses are put on doors, red lanterns adorn many people’s homes. It’s also a time where many people visit their relatives. The climax comes in the evening of Spring Festival Eve where people set off fireworks and firecrackers to cast away bad luck and attract good luck.

you can order these shoes from THEREMADE.COM

Nike Managed To Ruin The Nike Air More Uptempo

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