Quick Look At The Upcoming Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Flyease

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If there is one thing I appreciate about Nike’s brand, it’s their willingness to get the consumers and athletes involved in the engineering of their products. The Lebron soldier 10 is already one of the most utilized performance shoes in the NBA. I picked up a bad habit of constantly looking at what players wear on the court, and one of the most recurring shoe is the soldier 10. The brand  just unveiled the upcoming Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Flyease; the updates on this model are geared toward facilitating the entry & exit of the shoes, enhancing the comfort level on top of the already existing cushioning system.

Here is what Nike Senior Director of Athlete Innovation, Tobie Hatfield said about the shoes,

One of the key learnings we’ve had in crafting accessible footwear is the importance of easy entry and exit of the shoe, not just simplifying its fastening system. Eliminating the intricate hand movement of lace tying is important, but if the athlete cannot get their foot into the shoe, lacing becomes a moot point

With insights from the athletes, Hatfield and his team made it possible for the Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Flyease to basically open up from the midfoot. The shoes can then be easily zipped up and wrapped around the ankle with the usual adjustable velcro straps.

Nike’s greatness lies in its ability to show love and appreciation to everyone and the brand has proved it again with the subtle messages of the LB10 Flyease,

Subtle graphic hits, a small asterisk, appear on the heel, heel tabs and on the Velcro under the ankle strap. These nod to the asterisk that appears next to the word “athlete” in Nike’s mission statement and references Nike’s belief that if you have a body, you’re an athlete.

The very first people to get a pair of the shoes were patients from the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for Rehabilitation. They were invited by Lebron James who proceeded to personally greet every child and goft them with  new pair of the crispy  Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Flyease.




I don’t know when the shoes will officially release, so stay tuned for further updates.

The Soldier 10’s are on sale now, see listings below


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