The AI Reebok Question Mid Dress Code AR0252 Is Available Now

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Reebok is continuing the Question ‘s 20th anniversary saga with the release of the Question Mid Dress Code AR0252 edition. The shoes were inspired by the imperative dress code issued in 2005 by former NBA commissioner, David Stern. I’ve always found it interesting how his last name embodies his personality- ” STERN” David Stern. Basically the mandate was indirectly targeting Allen Iverson Hip-Hop fashion, which certain individuals thought was inappropriate and too” thug like”. Players were required to dress in conservative, formal and business vestments only. Any player caught in violation of the dress code was fined heavily.



11 years later, Reebok is releasing this Question Mid Dress Code AR0252 to pay tribute to AI; the shoes come dressed in a blue denim based upper ( which stands for No denim jeans allowed ); also featured is the wheat color on the toe box, laces and the outsole-representing the ban on the then  popular timberland boots. A red banned sign completes the look of the sneaker on the heel area, depicting the extreme seriousness of David Stern’s sanction. They are set to release on Nov 4, and will be available for purchase online via Reebok authorized retailers, stay tuned for further updates.

reebok-question-mid-dress-code-ar0252-2 reebok-question-mid-dress-code-ar0252-3 reebok-question-mid-dress-code-ar0252-4


Reebok Question Mid Dress Code

Color: Denim/Wheat-Brown

Style #AR0252-NVY, NOV 4, 2016




tayib salami