The Purple Outsole Ruined The Foamposite Copper

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The Foamposite copper is officially coming back on April 17, and you can bet that they will be mass produced. I remember picking up a pair in 2009 and the whole event was a fiasco- by the time 8 am hit on the cold morning, there was a parade outside the mall and as soon as the mall doors were accessible, people ran in the store like a herd of sheep  without a shepherd, you can imagine the scene.

That outsole is too dark purple, it’s TERRIBLE

But the shoes were worth it, it was the first time the colorway was dropping and they had a light purple icey bottom without the purple tint. I saw official pictures of the 2017 foamposite copper, and I was very disappointed with the dark purple bottom they sit on( it doesn’t match well with the uppers). Call me weird but I actually like it better when the sole turns light yellow ( the oxidation causes it to change colors and it seems to match up well with the  foam shells).Sometimes a product is better left alone in its original state. What do you guys think? check the pictures below and leave your comments

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tayib salami
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