The Obsidian Air Jordan 15 XV Will Be Limited-Who Cares?

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If Jordan Brand is going to dig in deep into their archives, then I better not see garbage like the Jordan 15 again. I don’t just despise this model because of it’s hideous, but even its functionality leaves nothing to be desired. I almost ruined my legs playing with the 15’s a few years ago and I ended donating them to one of my son’s friends- a bulky shoe with no adequate ankle support and lack of stability ( I felt as if i was walking on shaky grounds running with them). So when I heard that the Obsidian Air Jordan 15 XV was returning and was limited, my initial thought was: who cares? The shoes  don’t appear on FTL , Finishline and the other major sites Release Calendar- which still doesn’t make any difference because they have always been shunned. I’m mot sure what JB is trying to accomplish but this definitely doesn’t rhyme with the “edit an amplify” that Nike CEO has been talking out.

My experience with the 15’s was not a great one but not everybody feels the same way; some may find the shoes to be great. The Retro 15 was built to mimic the fighter plane X-15, known for its stealthiness; the exaggerated tongue of the shoes were supposedly a representation of MJ’s own tongue while in action on the court. This edition will come in an obsidian and white color combination and features  all types of materials including leather,synthetic foam,mesh and woven fabric on the side panels.

Release Information

Obsidian Air Jordan 15 XV

Style# 832003-411  , March 4, $190

Where To Buy:


They are also available on eBay from our featured sellers, see listings below

Hopefully the shoes will feature the air zoom unit as advertised. Nike was exposed for failing to incorporate the unit on the stealth 15
Herringbone threads for quick and smooth transitions on the court



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