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The Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy made its debut in 2012 and became an instant classic; I’m wondering why Nike decided to recycle the shoe especially when the theme was supposed to be uniquely appropriated for the 2012 All Star Game. It goes to show you that this was a capitalistic move but it does run parallel with the Edit To Amplify campaign so kudos to Nike. I wanted to attempt to come up with a believable estimate of the number of pairs produced but couldn’t collect any data from Footlocker, Footaction and Champs to work with. I do think all three stores are getting the shoes but they haven’t yet added any release information on their launch calendar. So I’m compelled to lean on minor retailers’s data to make my prediction. So far these are the confirmed minor retailers I found: DTLR/Ruvilla, KicksUSA, Jimmy Jazz, Ubiq, Eblens, Shoe Palace, Sneaker Politics. KicksUSA is the only retailer with the most information available so I’ll use them to make my assumptions:

.The  minor retailers will receive about 1/4 of the inventory

.KicksUSA receives about 1/10 of the total inventory minor retailers are allocated ( the retailer only has 10 stores listed- while Ruvilla/DTLR has about 120 potential stores that might be given the shoe)

.Each KicksUSA store listed will receive about 36 pairs

.KicksUSA online will receive about 1/2 the amount the physical stores are appropriated



Number of pairs per physical store= 36 x 10= 360 pairs and the online store allocation will be:

Online allocation = 360/2=180 pairs

Total from KicksUSA= 180 + 360= 540 let say 600 pairs and since this represent 1/40 of the total number of pairs made then our Total will be:

Grand Total= 600 x40= 24,000 pairs ( since FTL & its derivatives haven’t provided any information yet, let’s stick with these numbers)


Let’s check on eBay, I’ve collected my sales data and summarized it in the histogram below

Most sales occurred within the $315-$329.99 price range ( precisely at $320) and there were two isolated sales, one at $399 and the highest at $520 ( for a size 14). This will cause the average value to be unusual, slightly above the mode. Our average value based on the numbers above is $328.14 while the norm ought to be $320. The $320 implies a 37.33% mark up since the retail price is $220 + tax ( if you live in Maryland you’d be paying $233.2). So if you want to know whether YOU SHOULD BUY TO FLIP then it would be a “why not” as long as you don’t plan on selling the shoes on eBay. And the reason why I’m mentioning this is because of the selling fees, the paypal fees, the shipping fees and potential returns that may occur.

Retailers will have another excellent beginning of the Week End with the Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy as they will be flying off shelves at an exponential speed.


Purchase link-KICKSUSA LIVE 2/22


tayib salami

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