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Nike PG 3 Nasa CI2666-800| How Many Pairs Made & Buy It Now

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Paul George of the OKC thunder is having a MVP like season and has graced us recently with some of the most electrifying performances in the NBA , his latest heroic was his game winning shot against the Philadelphia sixers. I’ve seen many players in the league rocking his signature shoes because of their performance attributes. Nike is launching the third edition of the PG line and the first colorway the Nike PG 3 Nasa obviously find its roots in Armstrong Building 703 located in Paul George hometown.
I don’t know much about the technical features of the shoes , you may have to check weartesters about that. also released a behind the design article on the PG3 Nasa, click Here to read the it


The Nike PG 3 Nasa is extremely limited, I wanted to quickly see the list of stockists that were getting the shoe in North America and the only places confirmed were Nike of course and Footlocker. The release locator from FTL showed that an average of 70 select stores were allocated an inventory, see map
I counted an average of 70 stores and based on this number, I can assume that each store is probably receiving about 18 pairs, hence
the total for the physical stores will be: 70 x 18= 1260
and let’s assume that the online stores will get about 1/3 of this number, we end up with :
online stores = 1260/3=420
and the total for Footlocker= 1260+420= 1680 pairs and let’s take it up to 2000 pairs
I’ll also assume that Nike will get twice as much and if that’s the case:
Nike’s allocation=2000 x 2=4000 pairs and the total for North America is:
Total= 4000+ 2000= 6000 pairs



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