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Nike Ought To Release The Lebron XV South Beach

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I think Lebron was telling the truth when he said that his latest signature shoe, the Lebron XV was his favorite by far. I don’t know if it’s the silhouette or the color distribution that struck me but the Lebron XV South Beach is probably the only shoe that created a rush of emotions within me. Nothing beats the OG Lebron 8 South Beach but these XV’s are right behind them. I understand they were only made for king James which makes perfect sense but Nike HAS TO make them available to the general public. These will definitely embellish Lebron’s line again to some extent. This industry relies heavily on momentum; we are almost in the Summer and wouldn’t it be great if Nike dropped another South Beach themed Lebron accordingly.

I’m a basketball junkie and I’ve noticed that a lot more sneakerheads are now tuned into NBA games again. I’ve seen an increase of activity on my social media feeds with NBA related sneaker content from guys that don’t usually write about the game of basketball. Maybe it’s because we are getting close to the playoffs or maybe it’s due to sneakers that are being featured by the players i.e the Lebron XV South Beach. There is definitely a correlation there but proving it is a hard task without the possession of reliable data. I’m saying all this to say that Nike is in a great position to make some noise again with the Lebron line, hence please drop the Lebron XV South Beach.


The story of the LeBron 8 “South Beach” was born the moment the King arrived in Miami. Marking a new chapter in LeBron’s career, the Miami-inspired teal, pink, and black colorway honors the city where his talents continued to shine. The LeBron 15 “South Beach” reverses time seven years, reimagining one of the most iconic colorways in the King’s signature line. This shoe is currently only made for LeBron. via Nike

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