Nike Opened A Can Of Worms, Bootleggers Cavaliers X Off Grey Air More Uptempo

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Nike did unleash the uptempo dragon with the countless iterations of the shoes they’ve come up with. A few days ago, I found out about the NYC uptempo which is part of the  city inspired collection  Nike has concocted. I think the whole idea is absurd but the brand was smart enough to make the pack limited. Well the bootleggers are paralleling Nike and they’ve come up with their own city inspired uptempo shoe, the Cleveland uptempo. I don’t think that is what they are dubbed but the shoes are dressed in the Cavaliers jersey uniforms.

I said earlier last week that bootleggers had infiltrated every possible social media outlets and the picture you see above proves my point. They are aware of this idea of uniqueness and abstraction and are creating their own breed of exclusive sneakers. And honestly , I’m amazed at their attention to details and the speed witch which the sneakers are manufactured. Hopefully Nike wil stop putting out mediocre work to stop the bleeding, but I don’t think it can be stopped.

Please understand that these are fake and were never produced by Nike. I’m just pointing out what brands are up against now.
They have understood the necessity of using OEM materials so they can compete with brand owners. It seems like the chinese goverment is pretty lax with counterfeiters

As I was writing this post, I came across another pair of uptempos from the same seller modeled after the Virgin Abloh’s off white collection, see the pictures below.

I guess we’ll call these the off grey uptempo

tayib salami
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Steve Joseph
5 years ago

Hey family. The ones below are actually the Villa collab but they went a little too dark on the color. Very common replica flaw. The red strip you see on it might make it seem like it’s an Off White knockoff but that’s not what that is.

The highest quality fakes, many of the ones I’ve seen with the least amount of flaws come with three types of colored strips. Not all, but many. The colors I’ve seen are Red (like on the shoes above), White and Yellow. They all have a QR code on them. If you scan it, it will open a web browser that has the words “QC passed”.

This could easily make someone think they got a shoe that’s legit but these are nothing more than high quality fakes. In most cases what they (Chinese counterfeiters) believe to be “authentic” or 1:1’s.

Happy holidays 🙂

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