Nike Lebron 3 QS Black Metallic Gold AO2434-001 | Market Value | Buy It Now

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I wrote a post about the Nike Lebron 3 QS Black Metallic Gold in December of 2017, see link below

The Black & Gold Nike Zoom Lebron 3 To Return In 2018, Not Enough To Save Nike Basketball

The shoe is set to release on December the 20th, see release details below


Nike Lebron 3 QS Black Metallic Gold

style#AO2434-001, $175


I didn’t write a projection post on these shoes because I don’t have any data to work with. The only thing I do want to show you is their current market value on third party marketplaces.


There were only 4 recorded sales on eBay out of the six listings ( the listings include sizes 6-12) and the screenshot below shows you how much the shoes sold for

3 pairs sold for $239.99 and one pair sold for $259.99 ( $214.99 + $45 shipping fee) so based on this data, the market value via eBay is $244.99 but that is a bit misleading since $259.99 can be considered an outlier so i’ll stick with $239.99 ( most frequent value recorded also known as mode in statistics).


StockX ‘s average sale price is $231 and this number is based on 31 recorded sales so it’s more reflective of the actual value ( bigger sample size 31 against 4) as long as the company isn’t tampering with the data.

Final Observation:

The shoes will definitely sell out via Nike and their market value will remain steady ( it will not change at all). I don’t think the value will change as time progresses.

You can buy it now on eBay, see listings below


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