Coach Daniel Gives You A Breakdown Of The Indiana Pacers Offense

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If you aren’t subscribed to Coach Daniel’s channel on Youtube, I suggest you Sub now. He has some of the best “in game” breakdown I’ve ever seen. If like me, you are tired of the gimmicks on TNT and are looking to improve your basketball knowledge then Coach Daniel’s channel is one to watch closely. In today’s video he gives you a through breakdown of the Indiana Pacers offense.  Larry Bird got rid of coach Vogel and hired former Blazers’ coach Nate McMillan for the job. They ‘ve had a passable season so far and I seriously thought Paul George was going to be traded.

They have struggled to win games on the road this season and that’s not a good sign; they do have size and a young promising core and have acquired veteran guard Jeff Teague in the post season from the Hawks. Well check out the video breakdown below and subscribe to Coach Daniel


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