Check Out Spencer Dinwiddie Mark II Signature Shoe

Check Out Spencer Dinwiddie Mark II Signature Shoe

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There are guys in the NBA that are not approachable but I don’t think Spencer Dinwiddie is one of them. I came to really appreciate the guy when I was watching him on one of the “In the Film Room Bball breakdown episode”. He had a great exchange with the host Coach Nick and I was very amazed with his understanding of the game of basketball. On Sunday evening, while I was checking my linkedin feed, I came across a video of Dinwiddie that featured his signature shoes. The video basically showed him in a digitized laboratory discussing what could be done to improve the sneaker. The presentation was  very engaging and I immediately went on youtube to see if I could actually fetch it, and share it on my site. I couldn’t find it on YT but I did find another clip via NBA on ESPN in which he actually presented his upcoming sneakers to Scottie Pippen, Tracy McGrady and Rachel Nichols, see video below

I’m glad Spencer Dinwiddie didn’t opt for the traditional way of coveting  or courting major brands for a sneaker deal; he created his own brand of shoes.  He is also backing his product with very good marketing strategies:

  1. A good video basically giving the watcher the DNA of the sneaker
  2. He is utilizing every platform he is invited on the promote his product
  3. He is directly targeting the consumer and not going through a distribution channel
  4. The product’s description is detailed and breaks down every technical feature of the shoe
  5. The backstory is also included and is rich with elements that will connect with the buyer
  6. And the shoe only costs about $130

I went on his website, and here are some of the shoes that I wanted to share with you.

Spencer Dinwiddie Mark II Graffiti

Spencer Dinwiddie Mark II Graffiti

Designed by Spencer Dinwiddie in Brooklyn, NY, the Mark II is the latest in high-performance basketball footwear innovation.

The Mark II features a lightweight, enhanced engineered-mesh upper, internal fit-sleeve, an external heel-counter to improve ankle support, and an asymmetrical lacing system to provide a locked-in fit and enable more efficient lateral movement.  The Mark II also features a newly introduced TPU toe-cap to provide structural reinforcement against toe drag and improve longevity.

Utilizing a revolutionary Pebax derived foam in the outsole, the Mark II provides enhanced support, dynamic energy return, and reduces impact resistance to accommodate Spencer’s style of play.

The outsole forefoot lateral outrigger provides additional stability when cutting. The outsole forefoot rubber extends up the medial side, assuring the support Spencer’s explosive game requires.  The Mark II additionally has an improved outsole tread pattern, providing the improved traction that enables Spencer to take full advantage of his explosive first step off the dribble.

Inspiration for the Color Way (Graffiti):

The word “Graffiti” derives from the Italian word graffio, meaning ‘incised inscriptions’. This color way has a special meaning to Spencer as each inscription pays homage to an important part of his roots. Whether it is a birth date of a loved one, a statistical accomplishment, or a jersey number he wore as a kid, every number serves as a muse for Spencer. Reminding him not only of his past, but providing inspiration for the future.

There are more sneakers on his website worth looking at, click HERE to access his site.



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