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Check Out Klay Thompson’s Anta KT3 Halloween Edition

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While the Golden Warriors have put their team on cruise control ( they are basically bored this season), three time all star klay Thompson continues to explore new possibilities for his signature shoes. The brand is working with has just signed him to a $80 million contract; the consummation of the deal is a clear sign of the direction ANTA is going with Klay. They want to establish him as the face of their sneakers, paralleling Under Armour venture with Steph Curry. Now I don’t know if this will be successful but I can tell you that I was pleased with the Gold Blooded Anta KT3 .

A Halloween colorway of the Anta KT3 has emerged and I don’t know if this was a late release but I didn’t hear about the shoes till this morning. klay thompson is supposedly a Harry Potter junkie and so the Halloween Anta KT 3 was inspired by the the green light released by Lord Voldemort’s magic wand.

They come in a synthetic upper covered in green with black details on the ankle straps and the midsole. Klay’s own signature can be spotted at the heel; his number graces the back panel while the outside of the tongue bears the letter ” K”, obviously symbolizing his name. Also to be noted is the white speckled midsole. I’ve never tested these shoes so I would not elaborate on the comfort, fit and cushioning aspect of it. Check out the additional pictures below.

Klay Thompson’s Latest Gold Blooded Anta KT3 Is No Longer A Laughingstock

img via antaamerica