Brooklyn Nets Dinwiddie Explains How He Beat The Cavs Courtesy Of BBallBreakdown

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On Wednesday, the Cleveland Cavaliers were playing the Brooklyn Nets and it was apparent that Lebron James and his band weren’t taking the Nets very seriously. But they quickly realized it was a terrible mistake. As much as basketball fans want to complain about the lack of competition in this new era, I think the league is more exciting now than it has ever been before. The game is faster, a lot of teams have adopted the Spurs motion offense and have built their own hybrid offense out of it. Teams are playing a fast pace game paralleling Mike D’Antoni brand of basketball. The league is still a league of superstars where  teams with better talents win; nonetheless every now and then we witness surprises where below .500 team shock the top tier squads. The Nets and Cavs game went the distance with both teams trading tough shots after tough shots in the end of the fourth quarter. Spencer Dinwiddie put the Nets on his back with the absence of J. Lin and D’Angelo Russell and his interview with Coach Nick, he gives you thorough details on how he was able to lift the Nets over the Cavs.

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